Smashing Success!!!

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The CCF Alumni Foundation BBQ and Reunion was a smashing success!  The weekend was packed with fun filled activities and plenty of food. We had somewhere around 25 alumni show up in SLO. (The photo above shows 23 of us.) Not bad for a first event.

In the future, we hope to invite and get in contact with many more alumni. We’d also like to host more regional events to be more accessible to all alumni, and especially those with children.

As planned, we had a BBQ at French Park with 20 pounds of tri-tip and about 12 pounds of chicken, and a plethora of hot dogs. We had more veggie kabobs than we could shake a stick skewer at. Unfortunately, we ran out of food before everyone was full (but not before everyone ate), due to an influx of 20 unexpected guests. We’ll be sure to plan for extras next time.

The CCF Freshmen were a bit saucy and challenged us “mature” folks to an impromptu basketball match. The match garnered cheers from both sides with spectacles of athleticism from both sides. It was a hard fought battle and tied for the duration of the game until the last two points when they pulled ahead for the win. It may have been a bit unfair as they expanded the definition of “freshmen” to include all current CCFers. We just might have a lasting rivalry on our hands.

A number of folks headed to the beach for a few hours of relaxation. Others returned to their hotels or housing accommodations for a nice, restful afternoon nap.

6:15 PM brought about dinner time, which was catered by China Palace. Learning from the food shortage at lunch, we increased our order so there was  plenty of food for the 70 people who showed up.

Our time of worship music was lead by Verent Chan and a team of CCFers. They did an excellent job of bringing us into God’s presence.

After we worshiped through music, we watched a CCF slide show, and then we heard testimonies from a range of people. Willy (freshman) shared with us how he feels at liberty to “take advantage” of the upperclassmen, and how they take such good care of everyone. Steven Ng (class of ’86) shared what CCF was like when he was at Cal Poly, and encouraged us to follow our heart. Tom Kato (senior) told his testimony of how God, through CCF, has transformed his life. He went from a wretched, lost sinner to a leader on MinT (Ministry Team). Jenny Chan (senior) shared about her missions trip to China and Mongolia, and how God is using CCFers not only in SLO, but around the world.

We closed the evening with Brian Wong, CCFAF Chairman and Co-Founder, reiterating that CCF is alive and well. He invited us to join in the Mission of the CCF Alumni Foundation which is “To adequately resource CCF so that future generations can bless and be blessed.” He also invited us to stay in contact with one another through the Foundation.

Sunday, everyone was encouraged to go to church, and then a handful of people headed out to Montaña de Oro for a personal time of reflection and worship.

That evening, the brothers in CCF hosted an amazing, magical Sister’s Appreciation Dinner which saw about 15 alumni in attendance.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend. An inaugural and immensely important event to be sure. This was the first of its kind. But certainly not the last.

Given that one of our purposes is to maintain the network of alumni who graduated from CCF, we’ll be having many more events like this in the future.

Once again, a special thank you to all of the board members who made this possible:

  • Anna Chau
  • Brian Wong
  • Connie Chang
  • Daniel Bo
  • Jackson Ho
  • Justine Wong
  • Simon Lee

They were responsible for all planning, and most of the execution of this event. Be sure to thank them when you see or talk to them. Also, a special thanks to CCF for assisting the CCFAF in hosting. We could not have done it without you!

See you soon!

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  1. Amy Cho on 02 Jun 2009 at 3:36 pm #

    Thanks everyone for the good time! Looking forward to more reunions.

  2. Simeon on 02 Jun 2009 at 9:53 pm #

    It was great fun. Thanks also to the alumni who came to SLO to fellowship. 🙂

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