With the start of the new year, CCF Alumni Foundation has started up FEED and added a little bit of structure. FEED stands for Fellowship, Entertainment, Encouragement, and Discipleship.  We are planning to have regular monthly gatherings on Mondays at 6:30pm. Simon and Connie Lee graciously hosted the first FEED gathering last month on January 28.

We are starting FEED because the FEED model falls in line with one of the goals of CCFAF, which is to maintain a bond of fellowship between the alumni.

We will start slow by having a meeting once a month, the dates are below and they span the entire year.  Here is a breakdown of what will occur during the meetings.

  • 6:30 pm:  Everyone is supposed to arrive and a simple dinner is provided by the host and the cost is reimbursed by those attending. Lets say $10 per person not including babies.
  • 8:00-8:05 pm: We will have announcements from the Alumni Foundation which will include updates from CCFAF and CCF like if there are any missionaries, any graduates coming up north, CCF events that are occurring, or any needs (i.e. Prayer requests, guest speaker, etc…)
  • 8:05-9:30 pm:  Last part of the evening depends on the night which is outlined below. The night could end with Entertainment (e.g. Games), Encouragement (e.g. Pray for each other), Development (e.g. Book/Bible Study).

We had a great time at our first meeting, and are incredibly grateful to our gracious hosts.

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